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You’ve made the decision to move, now what?

Home owners make the decision to sell their property every day of the week for a number of reasons – they could have outgrown their home, or the kids may have moved out and it’s time to downsize. Family could be moving in (hello in-law-accommodation), or the layout just doesn’t flow the way it should anymore. Maybe a job opportunity in a different area has come up. Or its time to consolidate funds and sell that investment property. Either way, the process is very similar – here’s how to sell your home:

1.  Make sure you have a clear plan of what you want to do next. If you’re planning on buying elsewhere, do your research and make sure it’s feasible. Speak to your bank, go to a few Open Homes and do your figures.


2.  Call your favourite Guardian Realty Agent and invite them to give you a Market Appraisal of your home. They’ll provide you with in-depth information and current trends with the property market, while comparing your home to others recently sold & on the market now, and talk about the best way to sell your home (Private Treaty, Auction, Price Guide, No Price, etc) They’ll also confirm a listing time frame, enabling you to get started on the below…..
Note: We could have THE perfect buyer for your property on our database, all lined up and ready to buy before we commence marketing (this is known as an off-market sale – your agent will guide you through you the benefits & disadvantages of selling off-market)

3.  To sell property in NSW you need a Property Contract. This is drawn up by either a Conveyancer or a Solicitor. Note, an Agent cannot show or even tell prospective purchasers about the property until they have a copy of the Contract in their possession. This contract will take a few days to organise, and your Agent can recommend a Solicitor or Conveyancer if you don’t have one.

4.  If you have a swimming pool or spa, you’ll need to make sure these are compliant (& the compliance certificate will form a part of the abovementioned contract).


5.  Now is the time to declutter, declutter and declutter! Fix anything that’s broken (leaking taps, sticking doors, etc), clean up the gardens, touch up flaky or chipping paint, clean the windows, get the carpets steam cleaned, and remove those pesky cobwebs. Make sure you talk to your agent and get their suggestions before you do any major works – sometimes it’s not worth the stress & headache to spend $20,000 on a new bathroom, when it may only increase the value by around $20,000.

6.  If you are considering using a Property Stylist, now is the time to start talking to them (again, we can recommend a Stylist to you). Generally the contract with a Stylist is for 6-8 weeks furniture hire, so it’s best for their install to be the day before professional photos.


7.  Photo day! Your Guardian Realty Agent will organise the photographer, all you need to do is prepare the home as if it’s your very first open home (lights on, blinds & curtains open, toilet seat down, no cars in the driveway and fresh flowers in a vase). When we’ve received the photos back from the photographer, we’ll send you through a draft of the marketing (print, web & signboard) for approval. Once approved, your property will be live on the web. Yay – you’re on the market!

8.  Depending on your Marketing Schedule, over the next few weeks you’ll probably have a mixture of Open Homes & Private Inspections and possibly be leading up to an Auction. Your Guardian Realty Agent will be in constant contact with you as they work to secure a buyer for your home. Once negotiations have been finalised and contracts have been signed, you’ll more than likely enter into a cooling off period allowing the buyer to do their due diligence on the property. After the cooling off period expires your home is officially sold! Congratulations – you did it! Now is the time for the #soldselfie in front of the sold sticker!


9.  Start packing – you’re on the move!

See – simple!

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