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Property Investor News | Pets

THE BENEFITS IN ALLOWING PETS INTO YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY It is becoming increasingly common for landlords to allow tenants to have a pet in their property. There can be many advantages and opportunities […] … Read more »


Pitt Town Record Sale

After just 5 weeks on the market, we’re pleased to report that 18 Wells Street, Pitt Town has SOLD for the highest price in Pitt Town, by Agents Brett Humby & Louis Stapleton […] … Read more »


Preston Stewart | Staff News

Welcome Preston Stewart to the Guardian Realty Sales Team! An emerging real estate star, Preston Stewart works alongside Joel Green in our Dural office. He provides sales support to Joel, learning the A […] … Read more »


Can I use my Superannuation to buy a house?

The Answer is Yes, Yes, Yes! We hear the question, ‘Can I use my Super to buy a house?’, so often, we decided to put together this informative guide to answer that very […] … Read more »


Property Investor News | Tax Time

WANT MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET? DEPRECIATION IS THE KEY. With the end of financial year just around the corner, now is the time to re -visit the tax advantages of owning an […] … Read more »


Property Investor News | Tree Disputes

TREE DISPUTES – WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT? Neighbourhood disputes are hard enough to deal with at the best of times but when your property is tenanted it makes it a little more […] … Read more »


Why is selling your house in Winter a good idea?

We’ll tell you why and how to sell your house this Winter Are you sitting on the fence about whether you should be selling your house in Winter? You’ll find this article packed […] … Read more »


Property Investor News | Capital Gain or Cash Flow

CAPITAL GAIN OR CASH FLOW – WHICH GOAL IS BEST FOR YOU? There are two main objectives for property investors – cash flow and capital gain. While it’s quite realistic to set out to achieve both of these […] … Read more »


Property Investor News | Landlord Insurance

LANDLORD INSURANCE There are many types of landlord insurance available and although you don’t need all of them, it is essential that you know the ones you do need for your investment property […] … Read more »


Property Investor News | Ingoing Inspections

AN EXAMPLE OF WHY WE DO INGOING PROPERTY INSPECTION REPORTS It is not always easy picking the right tenant but it is worth the extra work involved in getting all the necessary checks and […] … Read more »


Daniel Toms | Staff News

We’ve welcomed Daniel Toms to our Sales Team!   Driven by an exceptional work ethic, Daniel Toms is an exemplary member of our sales team. He began his real estate career as a […] … Read more »


Property Investor News | Convenience is still the Winner

RENTAL DEMAND: CONVENIENCE IS STILL THE WINNER What really separates rental properties in the minds of tenants, and what will they actually pay more for? As trends change, the answer to this question […] … Read more »

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