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Tom Scully To Leave a “Giant” Space in the Hills

Check out our agents Joel Green and Kristian Danckert getting a name check in this article:

If you’re a huge fan of the Greater Western Sydney Giant’s, check out Tom’s house listing on our website link below. If you buy it, you can brag one degree of separation!

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Newsworthy News… Ben Jobberns Sells Historic Galston Property

Link to Hills Shire Times Full Article

Recently sold by Guardian Realty, the property at 300 Galston Rd, Galston is believed to have the first approved roadside stall in NSW.

The Moving Home Checklist | Helpful Tips

Moving into a new home may be exciting. But the move itself is rarely fun. So to help you keep your sanity and take the stress out of moving day, we’ve developed this checklist of everything you need to do.

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting – and most stressful – things we ever do. But moving day usually runs a whole lot more smoothly if … Read the full post »

The Tenant Telegraph – November 2017

Guardian Realty Tenant Telegraph Newsletter


Property Management News | August 2017

What the term “fair wear and tear” actually means when it comes to making allowances for tenants?

Some landlords question us when we tell them that we are required by law to make an allowance for fair wear and tear in their property. Unlike what you may think, this is by no means an excuse to let tenants get away with … Read the full post »

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