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Selling your home in Spring in the Hills

Spring has long been the favoured time of year to sell property

It’s not uncommon to see a rise in real estate listings during the spring months. Historically, it’s the most popular time of year to sell property. We have soft, fluffy associations with spring: blooming trees and flowers; baby animals; fresh air and warmer weather. It’s a time of new beginnings. A time to have a good clear out and … Read the full post »

Pitt Town Record Sale

After just 5 weeks on the market, we’re pleased to report that 18 Wells Street, Pitt Town has SOLD for the highest price in Pitt Town, by Agents Brett Humby & Louis Stapleton from Guardian Realty.


In a striking showcase of custom design and function, this custom built, 62sq Vermont Estate … Read the full post »

Why is selling your house in Winter a good idea?

We’ll tell you why and how to sell your house this Winter
Are you sitting on the fence about whether you should be selling your house in Winter? You’ll find this article packed full of advice and tips. You’ll be climbing off that fence and pitching a for sale sign in your front yard ASAP.
Winter Vs Spring
Real estate folklore is that Spring is the season to sell. That if you want … Read the full post »

Quarterly Wrap Up – 4th Quarter, 2019

The last quarter of the year in 2019 has produced three of the strongest selling months that Guardian Realty has seen in many years! Despite the district’s desperate need for rain leaving most properties looking a bit dry & brown, buyers are still desperately looking to secure their next home in our surrounding suburbs. As well as this, the general shortage of properties that are for sale have meant that … Read the full post »

Quarterly Wrap Up – 3rd Quarter, 2019

With risk of sounding a little cliché… as the Hills District’s weather heats up, so does its property market! The last few months have produced some staggering results for Guardian Realty and our homeowners, not just in sales prices but in the volume of property changing hands as well. In fact, September 2019 has just gone down as Guardian Realty’s HIGHEST volume sales month in the past decade! A total … Read the full post »

Quarterly Wrap Up – 2nd Quarter, 2019

We might be in the middle of the cold season, but the real estate market is showing all the signs of heating up again! Some factors that are having a positive on flow effect include the re-election of the Liberal Government (who are a bit more ‘pro-real-estate’) the reduction in interest rates from the RBA, as well as talks of APRA easing off on lending restrictions. These things combined have … Read the full post »

Quarterly Wrap Up – 1st Quarter, 2019

With the recent change in the market, we have now transitioned into a normal real estate market. Buyers are being cautious and now agents’ relationships with buyers have become a vital part of any successful property transaction.

Property owners need an experienced agent who has worked in this market and knows how to work with their buyers properly, not just place an ad online and hope for a result. We see … Read the full post »