Moving Day

The Countdown to Moving Day | Guardian Realty

Moving to a new home is usually very exciting, but sometimes you wish you could just blink and have it all taken care of. So much to do! Here’s a few tips to make Moving Day a little less stressful, starting with the preparation a month out:

1 month before M-Day

1.  Book a removalist as soon as you can, so you don’t miss out. Make sure your removalist has the appropriate insurance, and see if they’ll provide the moving boxes too.

2.  Cleaners – for both the property you’re leaving & your new home. It’s always good karma to thoroughly clean your home before handing over the keys to the new owners, but also have a think about the property that you’re about to move into. If its been locked up for a few weeks, or if it wasn’t up to your standards during inspections, its a good idea to have an ingoing clean booked in for settlement day too.


3.  Start packing! This is a long, tedious job, but also a good time to cull items you don’t want to take with you, and gives you a chance to sell items like furniture on Gumtree, Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. A guide to packing:

  • Organise boxes by room, colour coding is always a good idea. Heavy things belong in small boxes, and bubble wrap anything that’s breakable.
  • Pack a box of ‘1st night essentials’ like a kettle, tea bags & coffee, snacks, torch, phone charger, toilet paper, etc. You’ll also need an esky closer to M-day, with things like milk (& wine). Also pack a ‘1st night essentials’ for each family member, with a change of clothes, toiletries, pj’s etc. Keep these packs with you, they’ll travel to the new home in your car (not in the removalist’s truck)
  • Important documents (birth certificates, passports, etc) should also stay with you.

4.  Book your council cleanup. Most councils have a 4+ week wait, so book this for as close to your move date as possible (You can always cancel it if you don’t end up needing it)

5.  Menu-plan the next few weeks so you can eat your way through the pantry & freezer and food doesn’t get spoiled in transit.


2 weeks before M-Day

6.  Get started on the ‘new house paperwork’:

  • Organise insurance on the new home, so your home & contents are insured before you move in.
  • Organise disconnection & reconnection of all your services, including; phone, power, gas, internet, etc.
  • Book in a redirection of Mail with Australia Post.

7.  Moving day is often stressful for adults, and very confusing for little people & animals. It’s often a good idea to have night 1 alone in the house, before introducing your kids & pets to their new home. Make these arrangements now, so you’re not stressing on the day.

1 week before M-Day

8.  Confirm your plans for Moving Day – confirm the removalist, the cleaner, child & pet minder, etc.

9.  Your house should resemble a warehouse with boxes everywhere. Keep at it, the end is near!


1 day until M-Day

10.  Gather up all of the keys, remotes, manuals, instructions, etc

Moving Day!

11.  Make sure you have a good breakfast today, as this will be a busy day. Your removalist truck will probably be booked to arrive early, so put anything you don’t want them to move into your car (important documents, 1st night essentials, etc). Remove all of the food from the fridge & freezer and put it into your esky, and check every cupboard is empty.

12.  Your cleaner should arrive as your removalists are finishing up, and once they’re done you’ll need to close the front door for the very last time, and deliver the keys to your Agent!

Moving Day x 2!

13.  After you’ve collected the keys to your new home, open all of the doors & check that the power is on. Plug in your fridge & freezer and put your ‘1st day essentials’ & other boxes in the rooms they belong. Before introducing your pets to your new home, check the yard is secure & safe.

14.  Make up the beds that will be used that night, and start the job of unpacking….

15.  Pour yourself a glass of wine – you did it!

If you’d like any help or advice with your proposed move, or just a friendly chat, give one of our Guardian Realty agents a call today.

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