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A fall-proof guide to selling your home in Autumn

Autumn is the new Spring when it comes to Selling Houses
Ah Autumn! As the leaves are turning and the temperature falls, we start thinking about retiring the cossies in favour of gumboots and enjoy the respite of a spattering of rain. The time has come for toasting marshmallows until they’re gooey and delicious, baking ANZAC cookies and waiting for the bunny with the good chocolate to pay us a visit.

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Property Investor News | Tenancy Changes

Changes to the residential tenancy laws start on 23 March 2020, with amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and the new Residential Tenancies Regulation 2019.
The changes aim to reduce disputes over repairs and maintenance, increase protection and certainty for tenants, and clarify the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords.
The list below highlights the key changes, contact your Property Manager for … Read the full post »

Property Investor News | Tenancy Length


It is most common for a lease agreement term to be fixed for either six months or 12 months, and we are often asked by our owners, “Which length is best?”

The approach that we take will often vary depending on your circumstances. For example, if your property is a long term investment for you, then … Read the full post »

Property Investor News | Going Green


Caring about the environment we live in: it’s not merely the concern of your dread-locked cousin or raw vegan best friend. Increasingly, savvy property investors are turning their focus towards ‘greening’ their assets – driven not only to reduce their environmental footprint, but to improve their return on investment in the long-run, too. Here’s why your … Read the full post »

Tom Scully To Leave a “Giant” Space in the Hills

AFL star Tom Scully is making his way back to Melbourne, after listing his Glenhaven home for sale, with Joel Green and Kristian Danckert. The full article is here.


If you’re a huge fan of the Greater Western Sydney Giant’s, check out Tom’s house listing on our website.


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