A fall-proof guide to selling your home in Autumn

Autumn is the new Spring when it comes to Selling Houses

Ah Autumn! As the leaves are turning and the temperature falls, we start thinking about retiring the cossies in favour of gumboots and enjoy the respite of a spattering of rain. The time has come for toasting marshmallows until they’re gooey and delicious, baking ANZAC cookies and waiting for the bunny with the good chocolate to pay us a visit.

Summer is finally on the way out; Christmas is over and the property market is booming. If you’ve been toying with the idea of selling your home in Autumn, we’re here to tell you this is the perfect season for sales.


But what about spring?

The hype is that Spring is the best time of year to sell. Some argue it’s the only time to sell, but Autumn’s really giving Spring a run for its money.

 Spring is a buyers’ market, there are a tonne of properties on the market and buyers are spoilt for choice. Autumn, on the other hand, is the ultimate sellers’ market. Sales outstrip the number of properties coming to the market, demand is high, and supply of good quality properties is not as plentiful. If you want to sell your property for top dollar, selling your home in Autumn is an excellent option.

Why Autumn?

There’s lots of reasons that Autumn is falling into favour as a prime time to sell property.

Buyers are ready to buy in Autumn. They’ve had time off over the holidays to research the market. They’ve made a New Year’s resolution that this is going to be the year that they buy a house. They know exactly what they want and they’re serious about getting it. People are back at work, and they’re in decision making mode. This is exactly the frame of mind you want buyers in when they’re looking at your home.


There are buyers who are disappointed that they didn’t secure a home before Christmas. They’re looking for fresh homes to view and buy.

There’s fewer homes on the market which means there’s less competition. Buyers are vying for a reduced level of housing stock. This puts sellers in an enviable position. The odds of successfully selling your home in Autumn are high.


Properties, especially properties in the leafy Hills District, look drop dead gorgeous in Autumn. Trees are exploding with colour and your garden sits in all its glory, just ready for someone to fall in love with it and claim it as their own.

It’s goldilocks weather – not too hot and not too cold. Buyers aren’t fighting heatwaves and dodging thunderstorms just to get to your home. This makes it more likely that they will come out and take look.

How to get your home ready to sell in Autumn

Create a spectacular garden

This means raking up any messy leaves, trimming the grass and planting flowers that will bloom and contrast with the striking array of foliage colours. Prune trees and branches so they perfectly frame your house. Yes, kitchens and bathrooms do sell houses, but in the nature loving Hills District, so do gardens.


Let there be light

There’s less light in Autumn – the days are shorter, and the shadows are longer – so you need to flood your home with as much light as possible. Throw back the curtains and pull up the blinds. Use feature lights to highlight the best bits of your house. Light candles to create warmth and intimacy and brighten dark corners.

Smells count

You want the house to smell delicious. People are driven by their noses so put your best scent forward. Think about wooing buyers with the smell of baking bread, cinnamon sticks and your favourite essential oils. Don’t be heavy handed though. A hint of a scent is enough, you don’t want to overwhelm people.

Cloak your house in Autumn hues

Neutrals are always in fashion, and bright white walls will make your home feel spacious, contemporary and airy. Avoid dark and heavy colours that swallow up the light. When choosing colours for your soft furnishings and décor, take your cue from nature.


Clean your windows

Have a look at them. They’re probably dirty and streaked with Summer rain and dust. Sticky Summery ice cream hands might mean they’re smeared and foggy. Not only do dirty windows look unappealing, they block the light. Get them clean and sparkling just before the house is photographed and definitely before it goes to market.

Offer a warm welcome

On cooler days, make sure the house isn’t too cold. If the house is pleasantly warm, people will be lulled to stay awhile and while they’re there they may just fall head over heels with your home.


Over to you

Now you know why and how to sell your home in autumn, the ball is in your court.  Will you sell your house before the winter chill sets in?

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