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Property Investment News | Preparing your home for Lease

Maximising rental return with simple, cost-effective preparation.

Preparing your home for rent is crucial as it can secure quality tenants that you can trust living in your investment property. Finding quality tenants first starts with a nicely presented and well-maintained property. Attracting high-quality tenants result in higher rental yields. As well as having appealing presentation, there are some things you can do to increase your property value…. Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms & Landlords
It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure smoke alarms are in working order and meet the requirements of Australian Standard 3786, Building Code of Australia and NSW Residential Tenancy Act 2010.

It is law that the landlord must:
• Service smoke alarms annually.
• Ensure all smoke alarms are functioning at all times.
• … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Old or New?

Which is the best investment –an old or new property?
It can be quite a daunting task to try and evaluate what property to buy when building up your investment portfolio. Do you buy new properties or old properties?

Do you buy a unit or a house? Do you buy in an established area or a new development?

Of course all of the answers to these questions can only be answered … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Maintaining Property Value

How to maintain the value of your investment property
Rental homes should never be set-and-forget.

What shape is your investment property in? If it has fallen into disrepair, you could be set to lose out in the long term.

As an investor with a budget that is stretched to the limit, you may feel as though you’re saving money by avoiding regular maintenance. However, this is false economy. The longer … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Vacancy Rate

What is a Vacancy Rate and why is it important?
The term ‘Vacancy Rate’ is heard quite a lot in property talk – but surprisingly few people actually know what it is or how to calculate it. The vacancy rate of a suburb or area is the percentage of properties that are vacant, out of the total number of rental properties.

Simple, right?

In general, the vacancy rate across many … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Common Mistakes

3 common investor mistakes to avoid

Not increasing rents

Many property investors fall into the trap of not increasing the rental price when renewing a tenant’s lease. If you do this, you can end up in a situation where you need to increase your rent by at least $50 to catch up on past stagnant rent prices. When your leases come due for renewal, consider increasing the … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | (Don’t) DIY

Unless you’re qualified or experienced, it’s best to leave fix-it jobs to the professionals.

With the onset of the pandemic, more and more people have been turning to DIY as a way to kill time during lockdown.

Taking care of jobs on your own can seem like a cheap and reliable way to fix up your home or investment property. However, while a DIY job might seem like a cost-effective idea, there … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Routine Inspections

Behind the scenes: What happens at a Routine Inspection
What are property managers actually looking for?

Using a property manager is a smart move if you own an investment property and don’t have time to handle tenant queries, chase down payments or ensure the home is in good shape yourself.

One of the most important tasks property managers take care of is rental inspections. Here’s what an inspection involves:

Conditions … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Investment Property Renovations

Helpful tips on investment property renovations
If you’re thinking about renovating your investment property, there are a few things you need to consider.

From creating a budget to picking the right fixtures and fittings, getting the administration and project management right is key. Here, we outline some of the main things to consider when you renovate an investment property.

Determine a budget and the available deductions

Renovating a property could result in some larger … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Accidental Damage Vs Wear and Tear

Accidental Damage V’s Normal Wear and Tear
Here’s a quick guide to the difference between accidental damage, malicious damage, deliberate damage and wear and tear.

A common query we often receive from Landlords is ‘what is accidental damage and how is this different to malicious damage, deliberate damage and/or wear and tear?’ From an insurance viewpoint, we define them as per below:

Accidental Damage
An unexpected or sudden loss. This is generally something that … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Tenant Friendly Gardens

Not only does a garden give a home curb appeal and create a sense of tranquillity in a backyard or courtyard, but it can be another feature that attracts prospective tenants.

While a beautiful garden can attract quality tenants, you need to make sure the garden is easy for people who don’t have the greenest of thumbs. Ideally, green spaces and gardens at your rental property should be eye-catching, easy to … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Fixtures & Fittings

A guide to when fixtures and fittings should be updated
Some of the things that start to show their age quickly in an investment property are fixtures and fittings. While some fixtures and fittings may need to be updated due to damage or a fault in the item, knowing when to update things in your home is important.

Keep your home in excellent condition before you need to make major updates. One … Read the full post »

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