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Property Investment News | Fixtures & Fittings

A guide to when fixtures and fittings should be updated
Some of the things that start to show their age quickly in an investment property are fixtures and fittings. While some fixtures and fittings may need to be updated due to damage or a fault in the item, knowing when to update things in your home is important.

Keep your home in excellent condition before you need to make major updates. One … Read the full post »

Property Investment News | Rent Increase

When is the best time to increase rental return?
Rental return and when to increase is something landlords need to think about when the time comes to offer your current tenants a lease renewal.

While it can be tempting to increase the weekly rent for your tenants, there are market forces you need to consider when determining if it’s suitable to increase the rental price for your properties.

If you’ve recently had to … Read the full post »