Selling your home in Spring in the Hills

Spring has long been the favoured time of year to sell property

It’s not uncommon to see a rise in real estate listings during the spring months. Historically, it’s the most popular time of year to sell property. We have soft, fluffy associations with spring: blooming trees and flowers; baby animals; fresh air and warmer weather. It’s a time of new beginnings. A time to have a good clear out and get ready for something new and exciting. And that may mean selling your home.


In the Hills District, springtime listings align perfectly with the sentiment that everything looks brighter, fresher and newer at this time of year. If you’re thinking about selling in spring, here are our top tips for preparing your home:

Clear the air
After a long winter of closed windows, embrace the fresh air by opening everything up: windows, doors, cupboards, storage areas. The new air will help rid your home of musty smells and dry any mould-causing dampness. It’s best to do this on warm, sunny days. If there’s a gentle breeze, all the better.


Spring clean from top to bottom
Spring is the time to do a thorough clean of all surfaces, windows, fly screens, floors, doors, linens and tiles. If it’s been a wet winter, mould may be lurking on ceilings and walls, especially in bathrooms and laundries. Using a mix of clove oil and water (¼ tsp per litre of water) will kill the mould spores says Australia’s top cleaning guru, Shannon Lush.

Clear the clutter
Putting your home on the market in spring is also a great excuse to go through storage, cupboards and wardrobes. Letting go of stuff you no longer want or need not only frees up space, it unburdens your mind. And think about how much less you’ll have to pack when you move house. Get rid of the excess by having a garage sale, giving it to family or friends and donating it to your favourite charity or op shop.


Fix and focus
If you’re serious about selling your home, now is the time to zero in on those pesky maintenance issues. Have you been putting off fixing that stiff sliding door to the deck? Didn’t want to spend the money on repairing a broken cupboard door? Is there paint peeling from any walls? Put your handyman hat on or hire a professional to get those jobs done and dusted.

Spruce up the gardens
After a cold winter, everyone wants to be outside in springtime. If you have a backyard and gardens, spring cleaning applies here too. Rid all rubbish, pet waste and kids’ toys from open areas and gardens. Mow lawns, fertilise plants, weed garden beds, cut hedges and trim overgrown bushes. A fresh load of bark chips on the garden beds is an instant way to give green spaces a facelift. If you have a deck, clean and clear the space just as you did inside. Make it welcoming with brightly coloured cushions on the seating and flowering pot plants in the corners.


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