Property Investment News – Water Usage

Who Pays for Water Usage?
NSW tenants can be charged water usage if the below conditions are met:
1. The premises are separately metered
2. The premises contain water efficiency measures
3. The tenant is given a copy of the of bill setting out the water usage charges; and given not less than 21 days to pay, and the invoice to the tenant is within 3
months of the issue of the bill by the water supply authority.

What is Separately Meter?
a) satisfies an Australian Standard as prescribed by Regulations; and
b) has been installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions or industry practice;
c) measures the quantity of water and
d) enables a separate bill to be issued.

What are Water Efficiency Measures?
Currently, showerheads and some taps in the rental premises are required to have water efficiency measures, and the legally prescribed standards are:
• Showerheads: a flow-rate of no more than 9 litres a minute
• Taps for kitchen sinks or bathroom hand basins: a flow-rate of no more than 9 litres a minute.

Landlords – please contact our Property Management team if you wish to confirm your properties compliance.

If you have any questions, or need clarification on any of the above, please contact Anna Marten, our Head of Property Management, on 9651 1666 or

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