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With state and territory borders now down, you might be considering buying an investment property or expanding your current portfolio.

It’s important to ensure your property meets the needs of tenants and considers what they want in a rental. In addition to this, what people are looking for in a home has changed since living with the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what are the must have features tenants want in today’s new world?

1. Home office | As a result of COVID-19, many Aussies now have the option to work from home. In fact, in the last two years many organisations have implemented remote working as the new norm. In light of this trend, having an office or spare room that can be used as an office is a drawcard for many tenants. Ensuring your property has a clean, inviting space that can be used as an office is an advantage to tenants. You can even go an extra step further by putting in a desk or adequate lighting.

2.  Connectivity | Staying connected to our loved ones and our colleagues has become increasingly important during this time. Reliable mobile coverage and high-speed internet access are very appealing to most people in 2022.

3. Entertainment area | There’s no doubt we have learnt to love the comfort of our own home. Going out to busy places has become less desirable, in a bid to stay away from potential COVID-19 exposure sites.

4. Pet friendly | If your property is equipped for animals, making it pet friendly is a really good way to attract tenants. It can be challenging for tenants with pets to find a rental, so you should consider allowing pets, provided you have the space.

5. Good quality management | One thing that hasn’t changed is the management of the property. Tenants want to be sure that if there is a problem, it will be  addressed in a timely manner.

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