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Why is selling your house in Winter a good idea?

We’ll tell you why and how to sell your house this Winter
Are you sitting on the fence about whether you should be selling your house in Winter? You’ll find this article packed full of advice and tips. You’ll be climbing off that fence and pitching a for sale sign in your front yard ASAP.
Winter Vs Spring
Real estate folklore is that Spring is the season to sell. That if you want … Read the full post »

Can I use my Superannuation to buy a house?

The Answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!
We hear the question, ‘Can I use my Super to buy a house?’, so often, we decided to put together this informative guide to answer that very question.

The good news is there are ways that superannuation can be used to buy a house. But before you jump on the phone to your super fund and demand all your money in crisp $100 notes, we have … Read the full post »