Property Investment News | Summer Ready!

Getting Your Investment Ready for Summer!

Australian Summers are famous for long, hot days and afternoon storms. This year we have seen a great deal of rain and we have processed many insurance claims.

ROOF MAINTENANCE – an owner is responsible for the maintenance of their investment roof, and this includes the gutters as it is your insurance that covers this area. It is always important that you clear your gutters on a regular basis especially coming into Summer. A roof not maintained will not be covered by insurance.

AIR CONDITIONING – becomes vital in Summer and units must be serviced regularly. Whilst the filters should be cleaned by the tenant, it is  important to service the unit for longevity and doing this before the warmer weather hits will save dollars!

POOLS – like air conditioning units, pool systems need regular servicing irrespective of the cleaning.

As always, if you would like Guardian Realty to arrange the a service or have your gutters cleaned, please contact us.

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