Property Investment News | Selling with a Lease

Selling a tenanted property brings with it all kinds of challenges, some foreseen and others unforeseen.

The first step in the process is to advise your property manager that you have decided to sell the property. The next step is to find a suitable real estate agent to manage the sale. It makes sense to chat with your current property manager and ask to talk to the relevant sales Agent to discuss the best path forward.

Your property manager knows your property better than anyone else and can advise on:

• the relationship with the current tenants;
• the state of the property; and
• any repairs or improvements needed.

During this process it is important to remember that the tenant will often feel as if their right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the dwelling has been invaded.

This can be minimised if they are dealing with the managing agency and not forced into making viewing arrangements with a group of potential strangers. The tenant must allow you reasonable access to show prospective home buyers through the property. Please check with our office as certain days and times do have restrictions.

An open line of communication can prevent an unreasonable tenant from jeopardising a sale. Our agency has already built up the relationship with the tenant and we know how important your property is to you and to them. We have your trust and the trust of the tenant.

Our sales team are experts in these delicate situations and can prevent problems that often arise. They would be happy to arrange an appraisal for you if you are considering placing your property on the market.

If you have any questions, or need clarification on any of the above, please contact Anna Marten, our Head of Property Management, on 9651 1666 or

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