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Behind the scenes: What happens at a Routine Inspection

What are property managers actually looking for?

Using a property manager is a smart move if you own an investment property and don’t have time to handle tenant queries, chase down payments or ensure the home is in good shape yourself.

One of the most important tasks property managers take care of is rental inspections. Here’s what an inspection involves:

Conditions check
Your property manager’s first priority is to make sure the property is being taken care of. They will look around for damage and cleanliness, and generally ensure the place is in good shape. There may be telltale signs of a breach in the rental agreement such as a pet being kept without permission or residents who aren’t included in the lease. Armed with a checklist and camera, your property manager will compare the current state of the home with past condition reports and let you know if there are any problems.

routine inspection

Safety and security
You have a duty to provide a property that is secure and safe to inhabit. Without a property manager checking for health and safety issues, you can find yourself in a difficult position. If tenants feel that you have failed in your duty of care they can cause you trouble, even if they failed to report it themselves. An additional safety check may also be required to ensure the fire alarms you have installed in the home are working properly.

Maintenance requirements
Maintenance checks are a vital part of your property manager’s inspection. They will look for structural and functional issues which impact the liveability and value of the home.

Whether these issues are cosmetic or structural, your property manager will make sure they come to your attention after a routine inspection. They will also take note of any possible improvements that may add value to your property so you can increase the rent when your current contract expires.

Regular inspections will alert you to small problems before they become big ones and give you ideas for cost-effective improvements. Your property manager should stick to a regular inspection schedule and always keep reports on record.

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