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A guide to when fixtures and fittings should be updated

Some of the things that start to show their age quickly in an investment property are fixtures and fittings. While some fixtures and fittings may need to be updated due to damage or a fault in the item, knowing when to update things in your home is important.

Keep your home in excellent condition before you need to make major updates. One of the major benefits of keeping your fixtures and fittings updated, is a home in great condition is more likely to attract great tenants.

If you’re unsure about all of the fixtures and fittings in your property, take a look at the entry condition reports. These documents may include notes on items you may have forgotten about. Some examples of common fixtures and fittings include electric sockets, security systems, smoke alarm systems, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, built-in wardrobes, heating and cooling systems, carpet, mirrors, and furniture (if applicable).


When your property manager completes an entry condition report, exit condition report and routine inspections, make sure they check all fixtures and fittings and report their condition. This is the best way to understand if anything at your property needs replacing.

The condition of carpets and light fittings in your investment largely depends on how old the property is and how well it has been looked after. If the carpet is beginning to look worn or showing other signs it needs to be replaced, investigate the cost of replacing the carpet against having it professionally cleaned (though cleaning should be completed at the end of each tenancy). Expect to get between 5 and 15 years out of your carpet depending on the quality of the carpet and how much foot traffic goes through the property.

Light fittings can last many years in an investment property. It’s when light fittings get broken or stop working that they need to be replaced. If possible, keep light fittings simple and easy for your tenants to reach for changing light globes. A trip to Bunnings or other home improvement stores will show you a great range of what’s available at all price points. If your property has heating and cooling systems make sure you understand how often it needs to be serviced.


Owning an investment property comes with many tasks that need to be remembered. By keeping in regular contact with your property manager and tenants (if applicable), you’ll be able to remain proactive about keeping your property in great condition.

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