Property Investment News | Residential Tenancy Support Package

There are new temporary measures in place to support both tenants and landlords who have been Covid-impacted. These measures aim to prevent financially impacted residential tenants from being evicted, and to assist landlords who agree to renegotiate rent.


More details on the Residential Tenancy Support Package can be found here, and are summarised below:

  • 60 day freeze on evictions:  Eligible COVID-impacted residential  tenants who cannot meet their rent payments will  be protected from eviction during the moratorium period commencing from 14 July and finishing at the end of 11 September 2021.
  • Financial support for landlords: The Residential Tenancy Support Payment provides up to $1500 per tenancy agreement.

Please read the Residential Tenancy Support Package information, and if you have any questions, or need clarification on any of the above, please contact Anna Marten, our Head of Property Management, on 9651 1666 or