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Budget for success with your investment property

Budgeting does not solely apply to balancing the books of a company or a household budget, it is also essential to the successful financial planning when owning an investment property.

Intelligent property investors are very mindful they should prepare a budget to cover all contingencies throughout the lifetime of owning their investment property.



It is vital that careful financial planning is front of mind when considering the purchase of an investment property. That way when outgoings arise, the cost doesn’t eat into the investor’s personal budget.

If you currently own an investment property, it’s not too late to start budgeting for any recurring costs and anticipated future expenses that may arise. In preparing your investment property budget financial experts suggest that you take into account the following:

Quarterly Water and council rates, Strata levies

Annually Insurance premiums (building, contents, landlord protection, public liability). Also factor in rent to cover 2 week’s vacancy per annum

7 years Replacement of hot water system

5 years Repaint

8 years Re-carpet


9 years Replace blinds and window coverings

10 years Replace main appliances (such as cooktop, oven and dishwasher)

Failing to adequately budget for such expenses can easily create the potential or financial disaster for highly geared investors. In addition, a delay in undertaking necessary work due to insufficient funds can actually cost more in the long run. Having a preventative maintenance program and budget in place will save you money and stress and may even prevent the loss of a tenant! It is one of the golden rules of property investment that in order to maintain a sound investment, the property must not only be presented well, it must also be well maintained.

Experience tells us that ticking all those boxes tends to result in the best tenants and the best rent. This can only be achieved with prudent budgeting.

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