About Ben

At the helm of the business is Director Ben Jobberns who, together with Stephen Giacomelli, manages the highly successful real estate agency and Hills District institution that is Guardian Realty.

Focused on continually improving and developing the business to maintain its position as leaders in the industry, Ben is a highly driven and passionate individual with a dynamic and hardworking approach.

Ben’s love of the real estate industry has seen him gain years of experience as a real estate agent where he maintains a track record for achieving exceptional results. Talented at performing in front of a crowd, Ben is also a skilled auctioneer, which gives him a complete understanding of the mechanics of the buying and selling process.

Ben is a great communicator and a brilliant negotiator. As Head Auctioneer for Guardian Realty, Ben exudes confidence and has an uncanny perception for reading buyer’s limitations and emotions.

With this wealth of experience, Ben is committed to guiding the future direction of the company, as well as playing an active role in the sales and marketing of every property.