Getting to know: Kenthurst

Kenthurst was originally known as Little Dural. The first land grants were made here in 1823, and in 1861 the Robertson Land Act enabled prospective land-buyers to select acres before they were surveyed and to purchase on a deposit of 5 shillings an acre. The Act encouraged settlement in this area, and the new residents took up fruit-growing and farming.

In 1886 a public meeting was held to discuss a change of name for the area. The main agitator for the change was Charles Gibb, who declared that the developing settlement merited a more elegant title. Kent Forest was suggested, possibly because several Kentishmen had settled in the area, but it was considered ungainly and finally the name Kenthurst was chosen and by 1887 the name Kenthurst was in general use.

Nowadays Kenthurst is known as a semi rural suburb within The Hills District located just outside of Dural. Properties of an average of 5 acres are common within the area and despite the distance between neighbours Kenthurst is considered a close knit community. The town centre is small but efficient with a small shopping complex, a large park, swimming pool and scout hall plus a fantasatic new cafe! Kenthurst is also home to a number of sporting groups, including the popular Kenthurst Soccer Club, known to locals as The Bush Boys. On any given weekend during the season, Kenthurst Park is a buzz with competition, with many shin bones being dented (and sometimes egos) in the pursuit of glory. The desire to own homes in this highly regarded suburb mean the real estate competition is equally fierce!

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