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Originally called Sandhurst by early settlers, the name was changed to Glenhaven at a public meeting in 1894, because of confusion with a similar name in Melbourne. The Great North Road between Sydney and Newcastle opened in 1833, when convict gangs were working from dawn to dark towards its completion. As the Old Northern Road, it now passes through the suburbs that have grown around early settlements, like Glenhaven. Today Glenhaven is still a semi-rural area, but while some market gardens survive, it is increasingly residential.

Glenhaven with a reputation of being a close knit community is a popular residential suburb with large modern executive style houses characterising the area. Glenhaven also includes a number of large rural allotments of an average of 5 acres, which is indicative of Glenhaven in past years. Beautiful views of The Hills District looking towards the Blue Mountains are very common in this great suburb and the combination of trees and hills in Glenhaven have the effect of improving the appeal of the suburb. A number of schools both private and public are available to Glenhaven residents with public transport to and from these schools provided.

With its superb location and quiet picturesque atmosphere Glenhaven is definitely an excellent choice for permanent residency and a highly sought after suburb within the Hills District community.

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