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The suburb of Annangrove derives it’s name from Annangrove House. The house belonged to Edward Johnston whose grandfather, George Johnston, was the original settler in the present Annangrove area. The house took its name from the Scottish town of Annan where George Johnston was born. By 1895 the post office had taken the name of Johnston's house, as did the school, and by 1915 Annangrove was the customary name for the suburb.

The area was originally utilised by Europeans for timber cutting in the vast tracts of bushland. The cleared land was then used to establish orchards. Presently, the attraction to the area is brought about by the ability of residents to own acreage and escape the suburban sprawl of Sydney, yet at the same time still be within minutes drive to the shopping centres at Dural and more substantial retail facilities of Castle Hill.

The suburb of Annangrove is made up almost entirely of five acres properties and has a very close knit community feel about it. It is also home to some of Sydney’s premier private schools such as Hills Grammar and Marion College. Annangrove is also one of the Hills District's most coveted and tightly held real estate market areas.

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